Since 1988, he has been engaged in the design and manufacture of conveying equipment and automation control. Continuous expansion, innovation, and continuous improvement of automation procedures have formed a series of products such as conveying equipment, assembly line coating, and storage.


Hualin is located on the beautiful coast of the East China Sea with a superior geographical location. Have a good design team and rich production experience.


According to the user's required functions and appearance requirements, it can be customized to meet the application needs of different occasions.


The company is equipped with professional technical customer service personnel to provide new and old customers with pre-sale consultation -> tracking service -> after-sale maintenance -> technical consultation and other service support.

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We provide various products for automobile gearboxes, airbags, automobile lamps, automobile parts assembly, gasoline engines, motorcycle assembly, packaging, engines, decelerators, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, computers, color TVs, disinfection cabinets, microwave ovens, etc. Production scene assembly line.

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Customization, quality assurance, dedicated service, worry-free after-sales, Hualin assembly line, worthy of your trust and entrust.

Relying on the advanced intelligent manufacturing system, upgrading the intelligent industrial assembly line equipment, and driving the collaborative development of manufacturing enterprises.

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1988-2024 Over thirty years of accumulation.
We have provided high-quality products and supporting services for more than 500 large and small enterprises.
We have the confidence and ability to provide reliable solutions and implementation opinions for your automated manufacturing.
What is a double-speed chain conveyor line?
The definition of double-speed chain The chain used for material conveying is similar to the chain used in chain drive. The most commonly used conveyor chain in engineering is a roller chain. The so-called double plus conveyor chain is such a roller conveyor chain. On the conveyor line, the moving speed of the chain remains unchanged, but the tooling plates and workpieces conveyed above the chain can be controlled to move according to user requirements Beat, stop the movement at the position where it needs to stay, and the operator will perform various assembly operations. After completing the above operations, the workpiece will continue to move forward.The double-speed chain conveyor adopts 2/3-speed chain because DQ912 aluminum alloy profile is used as the guide rail. There is a chain for the task of transferring workpieces. The double-speed chain drags the conveyed items on the pallet or puts it on the pallet through a supporting device. The running speed of the pallet is an integer multiple of the chain running. When the chain is running, it is set in the double-speed chain The stopper on the assembly line stops the pallet according to the instructions of the production task, and automatically enters the next cycle after the production task is completed. The whole process does not need manual control. It is controlled by a programmer or industrial computer; it can also be designed to be accumulated during operation. Type in-place conveying to prevent material backlog. The transmission power can be selected according to the length and distance of the conveying. It can be selected according to the production needs. The tooling panel includes wood, plastic, and metal plates (steel, aluminum, stainless steel); so the double-speed chain conveyor is Indispensable conveying equipment in the production field.
How to choose, debug and run analysis of roller conveyor
Selection, debugging and operation of conveyor(1) The weight (including the weight of the spreader), the overall dimensions and the hanging method of the conveying object;(2) The length of the line and its complexity, that is, the number of horizontal turning sections and vertical bending sections;(3) Environmental working conditions and work shifts of the conveyor;(4) The operating speed and productivity of the conveyor;(5) Special process requirements.The power roller table is composed of a power roller barrel assembly, an aluminum side plate, a sheet holder, a tie rod, a bearing seat, a driving device and a chain. The unpowered roller table is composed of unpowered roller barrel components, aluminum side plates, sheet holders, pull rods and bearings. The power roller table is driven by the driving device to drive the traction chain, and the chain drives the sprocket on each power roller barrel to rotate, so that the rotating conveyor works. The unpowered roller table is pushed and pulled by the work piece or the work piece squeezes the work piece, and moves on the free roller.
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